About us

Who we are

We are a small practice. Next to the high-quality medical care, expected from a general practitioner, our strengths are:

  • Always the same doctor
  • Continuity of care
  • Flexibility in seeking solutions
  • We create an expat-friendly environment

What we offer

  • Medical care and advice you can trust
  • Same day appointments
  • 24/7 access to your medical files
  • Making appointments online
  • Online ordering of prescriptions
  • Monday-night consultations
  • Home visits
  • Special care and treatment of diabetes and heart-disease (prevention)
  • Lifestyle and dietary advice
  • Elderly care

Our certifications

As a patient, you may expect the best care. The quality certificate of the NHG shows that the practice works continually to improve their care in a structural way to create satisfied patients and a good organization. Think about having files in order, easy accessability by phone or e-mail, optimal hygiene, reports on outcome of medical treatment. The certification doesn't cover the consultation or the extra possibility we offer to homeopathic treatment.

As homeopathic doctor I am a member of AVIG, the professional organization of medical doctors who practice integral medicine, of which homeopathy is a part. AVIG stands for the quality and knowledge of its members in their speciality.

Insurance companies cover (partly) homeopathic treatment in additional policies.

Our team

Guus Polderman

General practitioner

In 1986 I have become general practitioner with the ideal to help people to become healthier, by promoting the self healing potential that is within everybody.

This ideal is still there. Experience has learned that there are common situations that ask for a allopathic approach of the complaints or disease, like prescribing antibiotics, but also not seldom complaints and diseases can be healed making use of the natural healing power of the body

To distinguish which kind of treatment is the best possible solution in the given situation, in compliance with the wish of the patient, I find very important. This not only asks for the right medical judgement, but also for a good eye of the circumstances of the complaints. The solution ought to be found in finding the reason or the cause of the complaints and not only in fighting the symptoms. For me it is important to find the solution that makes you happy.

To reach our goal, we always followed the new developments and changes over time. We therefore also put a lot of effort in giving advice about lifestyle and food-habits. We give extra care for people with diabetes and prevention of heart-and vascular diseases. To support people with psychological care, Meike is working with us.

The practice is easy accessible and we take care that everybody who needs to be seen, can make an appointment on the same day they call.

Tessa Harte


Since 2013 I love to work in this office. I used to work as a dietician, but I liked to develop my knowledge of healthcare. It makes me happy to work with people, to help people. At the same time I like to be practical. As an assistant in the general practice, I can combine the two.

Because I work here a couple of years I know many patients by name, which I experience as a plus for my work.

When you call us, you will hear me on the phone. My practical work consists of making PAP-smears, cleaning the ears, to give injections or to bandage wounds.

Because I have worked as a dietician, I can also give advice about foodproblems and help to loose weight.

Meike van der Heijde


Although I have already worked for many years with people who live in protected housing, run by the government, I liked to broaden my field of practice.

Since January 2016 I have been working in this practice with a lot of pleasure.

I help people with psychological problems in the general practice. The threshold to make an appointment with me is often lower than to make an appointment with a psychologist outside of the practice. Moreover it doesn't cost extra money, as my work is part of the general practice.

If people prefer to be referred to a psychologist outside the practice, that is always possible.

Complaints people come to me for are depression, loss of loved ones, work related problems, relation problems, and addiction problems.