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What to do if you have a complaint

A good relationship between you and your general practitioner is important. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that disturb this relationship. What to do when you are not satisfied, when you have a complaint?

We will appreciate a lot when the complaints are first sent to the practice. This enables us to have an open conversation where we can discuss the issues together and try to find a good solution.

If you are not open for this step or it was not successful, you can get in touch with DOKH. This organization is helping to find solutions in cases of unresolved complaints.

Complaints Officer

You can make an appointment with a Complaints Officer. She will support and guide you throughout the process of handling the complaints. You can ask her questions, receive advice and, if necessary, help with putting down your complaints on paper.

After the complaints are clearly formulated, the Complaints Officer will work together with you to find a solution.

Usually the first chosen option is mediation. You can tell your Complaints Officer whether you are open for it or not.


Many complaints can be resolved by involving an impartial mediator. If both sides indicate that mediation is appreciated, then within two week a mediated conversation will take place. The Complaints Office will play the role of a mediator.

The goal of a mediator is to facilitate resolving all the existing misunderstandings and disagreements during the conversation. You'll to explain what has happened. Increasing level of understanding often leads to restoring the relationship.

What to do if mediation did not work?

If mediation does not lead to mutual understanding, then Complaints Officer can help you to move to a next step. The complaints become a conflict.